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Organic landscaping is nothing new -- in fact it is old Back before the chemical companies spent billions of dollars swaying the general public to try synthetic fertilizers...back when the soil was alive and healthy...back when properties were more like the untouched ecosystems in forests and grasslands.

Today, our soils are suffering and, as a result, we as humans are suffering from the devastation of soil life and nutrients from our food, and some of the serious health problems associated from all this. If we are to fix this, we must be actively involved in sustainable practices that help to restore and build our soils. To grow healthy lawns, gardens, ornamental shrubs and trees you need living soil. Most pests and diseases can be adequately controlled or eliminated using natural, organic methods.

Our Emphasis is on Organic Sustainability

organic sustainable landscapingWe develop our projects with an eye on creating a sustainable landscape, one that will withstand time and the elements. This means considering the impact we will have on the environment, which includes soil preparation, plant selection, pest and plant disease concerns, and topography.

We believe in a long-term commitment to organic landscaping that will benefit you and the environment.

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Soil Life - A Symbiotic Relationship with Plants

Soil life is something we can't see with the naked eye, but it is just as complex as the human body!  A teaspoon of healthy soil can contain up to four billion microorganisms! Everything in its rightful place keeps everything else in balance and in turn, functions beautifully. In short, our developing of civilization has started seriously affecting the way our yards can grow and function. Construction and clearing of plant material or vegetation from our soil has broken an important part of the wheel -- soil life relies on plant life to live -- and vice versa.

The length of time it takes to build a house and re-landscape a property is longer than the soil life can survive without the mutual relationship, and from then on, suffers.  Nutrients in the soil are essentially the food source for plants, but without active and healthy soil life, nutrients actually fall or leach from the topsoil layers into the ground out of reach of plants and into our water.  The soil life, or microbes, keep the cycle of life and health in the soil going, and therefore it is essential that we help to build that environment as nature does in order for our landscapes to be healthy and thrive.

Compost is the "almost" magic answer to most of our soil issues, although it is not a fertilizer, it builds and feeds soil life, provides a protective environment for soil life, helps nutrient retention, breaks down heavy clay soils and builds up sandy soils.  We are excited to share that we use a local compost blend in our soil amendments that includes green or plant materials, aged horse manure from local farms, and waste produce from local sources such as Central Market and others!  That helps keep sustainability local and you can be a part of this when we work in your yard!  We also use a local (Port Orchard, WA) natural organic fertilizer supplier in our installations of lawns and beds, and recommend his products for you to maintain the health and vitality of your landscape.  His product line is called Soil Science.

These microorganisms are the ‘good guys’ that provide the link between plants and organic fertilizer. Not only do the microbes, protozoa, nematodes, worms & the rest of the ‘good guys’ eat and digest the organic matter in soil - thus making food available for plant uptake; they build soil aggregate that retains water and nutrients in the soil, as well as eat the pathogens linked to diseases. Using sustainable plant care techniques and natural fertilizer sustain healthy soils.

Plant health is directly related to the health of your soil. When your soil is healthy, your plants are healthy and your loved ones are healthy.

Our Liquid Organics is alive with beneficial micro-organisms, which will rejuvenate dead dirt into living soil. Our natural fertilizers feed the soil and the organisms for plant uptake.

Although this process cannot be done over night, you will begin to notice the difference after a few treatments. No ‘snake oil sales’.

Building healthy soil builds healthy plants that will have natural defenses enabling them to fend off garden pests and diseases. The key is natural fertilizer and sustainable garden care practices.

Source: Soil Science Products www.soilscienceproducts.com/